Friday, April 17, 2015

April 5, 2015

Well ni hao there!
This was a pretty cool week. We stayed busy with the Welcome Center and some other things. I've never eaten as well in my life as well as I have here serving Victoria 1st branch. I always forget what I've written before...we spend a lot of time traveling because our area is the entire we're pretty savvy with Hong Kong public transportation.
I still get to speak some good Mandarin, which I'm super dupes grateful for. I get to speak it with people probably every day. We had a girl walk into the church who is from Mainland and is studying in Macau right now, she was in Hong Kong to handle some visa things and she had this huge feeling to go into the church, and she was telling us all about she had been to like 20 different Christian churches and knew that God existed but had never been baptized because she never felt like any of them were entirely true, so when we shared about Joseph Smith she just started crying and crying and saying "That's just like me!" and then asked if she could say the closing prayer, and agreed to prepare to be baptized. So that was a nice gift to send back to Elder Hui in Macau. She was the bomb.
In other news....there are some transfer calls coming our way tomorrow. We'll see what happens, there could be some shakin' in our bacon. That's the best form of poetry by now, hope you liked it.
We had our zone training this week as well, it was extremely rambunctious. There were arm wrestling tournaments, snowball fights with newspaper, the whole 9 yards. The zone leaders (Elder Sheffield and Elder Bevans, who we're all very familiar with) put me on the spot to shoot a three-pointer for their object lesson. I made it, which was pretty much a highlight of my day. If I can say the mission statement with an Apostle of the Lord breathing down my spine, I'll never get cold chills on the free throw line again.
I got to go back to West Point to be on exchanges with Elder Sheffield, that was a blast. I just love him. He really is a stud in the finest sense of the word. We had a great time tearing up our old stomping ground where we were companions together before. We found some great people for both of our companionships as well. Some neato times.
All in all, things are just rolling right along. I'm grateful to be here, still working hard. Focused, diligent, savoring the moments. Thanks for all your support and for your love, can't wait to hear from you next week.
Elder Hafen

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