Monday, April 27, 2015

April 19, 2015

Hmm...I just realized the list that I send this to is a lot of names of missionaries who have gone home. Oh well.
It was another good week. We got to play some tennis again this morning and then eat some food with Benji, our main man from the Philippines. After serving with Filipinos for 2 years, I can finally spell the name of their country right. I love the Philippines so much.
Serving with Elder Young is still a blast. He goes home next Friday, so next week there will be a change in the arsenal a little bit.
This morning I was cleaning something and this enormous cockroach started crawling around, and so Elder Arenas stepped on it and held his foot there for a few seconds....then it just got back up and crawled into our neighbor's apartment, which I thought was great. Interesting experience I thought I'd share with you.
The apartment we live in in Wan Chai is one of the apartments longest owned by the mission, and so missionaries have been there for generations, and so there is "missionary" coming out of the woodwork by now. But the building is still standing.
We will be getting some new banners and fliers for the Welcome Center to help bring some people in. Last night we were swinging by the chapel on our way home, and this mom and dad from Shanghai walked in and said to us "We saw that families are forever, so we wanted to come inside." Lovely.
All in all, life is good. Still working hard and happy to be here. Every week is getting better and better. Look out world, here I come. I sure love you all, thanks for all the support and the prayers. They are much needed and appreciated.
Elder Hafen

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