Friday, February 13, 2015

February 8, 2015

This will actually be a pretty exciting email...and time is running short, so I'll work my little sausages hard.
So, to start it all off, it was a weekend filled with people in white. We had an opportunity to do visitors this week, an amazing sister named Dai Qing who came down from ShangHai. She originally was coming on Friday, and communications with visitors are always crazy crazy crazy and nothing ever goes very she ended up having a surprise meeting for her work on Friday and so we waited at the mission office for a few hours, and then we heard the news that she would be starting on Saturday. So we came back on Saturday and met with her and she was wonderful. And it actually did go pretty smoothly. She was spectacular, just an absolute gem.
She also came down with two of her friends named Brother Sun and Sister Ye.....who is now....Sister Sun!!!! Because they came down from ShangHai to be married in the temple together. It was beautiful. They had their wedding reception in the chapel during the day, so for our lunch break we got to go enjoy the time with them and their families. Brother Sun was just blissfully unaware of everything going on, the father-in-law running around every which way snapping pictures and making sure everybody is eating 3rd helpings of everything like a good father-in-law should. They also shared the funny story about how in the morning Brother Sun found some instant noodles, and asked his wife if he could eat them, and she said no, and so he was sad be he didn't eat them. And that is how eternal relationships should start.
Our really really good friend Jason who was baptized about a month ago also had an opportunity to baptize Ethan, another one of our good friends. Elder Haggenmiller found Ethan when he was serving this area about a year ago, and then he returned to mainland, where he attended the branch there for about a year, and then came back looking for all the world like an Elder's Quorum president. He was just absolutely ready to go. The stud.
Miracles abound.
Ummm....I think that's everything.
Oh wait.
So in Zone Conference with President Hawks, he informed us that after the actual meeting there would be another special session. When it started, he informed us that there was a certain video that was given him by the Church Headquarters that he was allowed to share with us. He then told us it was Meet the Mormons. Hahahahaha. So we got to watch that :) woohoo! It was super fun. First time I've sat down and watched a movie in a while....
All in all, awesome week! Things are good :) Love you all. Keep up the good work.
Love, Elder Hafen

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