Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16, 2015


Here's the game, find out what language that is before the end of the email. If you do, you win. If you don't, you have to send me a letter with some snacks in it.

It's been another good week! We've worked hard.....yep, we just did lots of working hard. Elder Henrichsen is our district leader, and is the most charity filled example of light I've ever met. Really a gift. His family lives in BeiJing, and so his Mandarin is pretty much native. He also speaks fluent Spanish...which goes along with this story.

He got transferred out of Tolo Harbour when I got here, and 7 weeks later (not even a full transfer) was transferred back in. Just the other day he met a family from Chile, who don't really speak English or Chinese. The mom and two teenage kids are members of the church, and the dad has been going to church for 20 years but hasn't wanted to be baptized. Elder Henrichsen brought the whole family to church with him on Sunday, and translated all three meetings into Spanish. After church, the dad pulled him aside and spoke to him, saying "I think it is time for me to be baptized..." Miracles. Miracles abound.

In other miracles, Elder Howell and Elder Van Orman from our apartment were out finding and they found a giant teddy bear that looked like it had been given as a valentine's day gift quickly followed by a messy break up because it was sitting on top of a garbage bin. So they brought it home, and it is now part of the family. It's just funny that it says "J and Y" on it. But oh well. We decided that means "John and Yoko." and now fill our days with Beatles jokes. We also had quite a few people cancel for church because of valentine's day. Oh well. Could be worse.

It's also Chinese New Year this week. It is the equivalent on Christmas in America. So what it means is that everybody from Hong Kong parties til they're purple, and everybody from Mainland goes home for the holidays.'s always a little bit of a slower week for mandarin missionaries. But that's ok.

All in all, life is great! Working hard. Always working hard, always wanting to work harder. The work in the Tai Po branch is growing faster than the infection on my toe, we meet more people interested in our message than we do cockroaches in our apartment, and we eat rice every day. Life couldn't be better. I sure love you all. Thanks for all your support. 

Love, Elder Hafen

p.s. Did you figure it out yet? Because it's not a real language at all, I just hit some random keys and came up with that. Sorry for cheating. I'm excited to get your letter.

Elder Spencer Hafen
18 Dorset Crescent
Kowloon Tong
Hong Kong

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