Monday, March 9, 2015

March 8, 2015

Hello everyone!
It's been a bit of a crazy week. There was the ribbon cutting for the new Wan Chai Welcome Center (not a visiting center...just to avoid confusion) and so Elder Young and I were kept super super busy getting everything ready for that. We were cleaning out all the cupboards and other places for storing materials, and somehow we ended up with more than 1000 Chastity pamphlets, 1000 Word of Wisdom pamphlets, and 1000 Tithing pamphlets. Goodness gracious. I don't know what kind of big plans they used to have in store here but they definitely had the ammo necessary to take on the world. Someday when there's more time I'll send you the rest of the ridiculous things we found...
But the ribbon cutting was wonderful. Super fun. All of Hong Kong is super excited to get up and go hard with this new tool for hastening the work here. After the ceremony everybody stood up and went outside to go street contacting to pull some people back in. Street contacting tends to be more effective when you are doing it with your mission president, all the stake presidents in Hong Kong as well as a member of the 70 with you.
We've met some really great people lately as well. A french man named Pierre who walked into the church and said "Ok...I only have 5 minutes but I wanted to see what this was all about. Can you tell me all about your church in 5 minutes? and so we did. And then he walked into the church a few days later to say hi again. He also had some questions about what we believe about chastity, luckily we had a stack of pamphlets bigger than he was at our disposal.

Also an awesome man from Jordan, who found the chapel once when he was lost, but then was never able to find it again until that day. He was outside the chapel leaning against a fence when we walked outside, and so we went up and started talking to him and he was like "I was getting myself ready to go in there...." so we brought him in a gave him a tour, an absolute superstar member named Brother Bromley who I'll probably talk more about later ran to the chapel and met him with us because it just so happens that one of the 7 languages he speaks fluently is Arabic....
Yeah it was an exciting week. But I'm about out of time......but things are great!!! Love you all, thanks for the support, I never stop praying for you.
Love, Elder Hafen

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